How Principal Value and Retailer in the Paint Industry Context in Southeast Asian? A Literature Review

Prita Prasetya
Journal article Economic Affairs • Червень 2019

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(English, 10 pages)


Research in marketing channel proves that managing relationship between partners, both individuals, and organizations, that manage distribution functions are very important. Successful principals require proper management of distribution channel to provide the best business performance. The management of marketing channel has been widely discussed as an important element in the supply chain and retail trading. Research on distribution channels generally takes economic concepts that explain distribution channels as a flow of goods and services. Interaction between principal and agent is the benefits optimization or minimization of costs, and neglect of non-economic factors. The development of research on channel management leads to non-economic factors which are describe the relationship between channel partners as a new era in principal and retailers relationships. The concept of relationship value is a social exchange theory aims to build long-term and sustainable relationships between partners.




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