Prospects of Custard Apple Value Chain Development in Rajasthan

Shailza S.
Journal article Economic Affairs • June 2020

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Custard apple is one of the wildly found perishable crop of forest areas. Rajasthan is one of the top ten custard apple growing states in our country. In Rajasthan, custard apple is mainly found in southern districts of Rajasthan. The present study was carried out to analyze prospects of value chain development in custard apple marketing in Rajasthan. The secondary data has been obtained and analyzed from Directorate of Horticulture, Government of Rajasthan for the year, 2017-18. The perishable nature of custard apple makes difficult to transport it to distant places thereby tribals are forced to sell the fruit at throwaway prices i.e. approx. ` 10/Kg on roadsides. It was observed that interventions involving improved cultivation practices and reduction in post harvest losses would increase the production level by 50 per cent and 20 per cent, respectively, whereas value addition activities through processing would give better returns to the processors as well as to the tribal harvesters The study further highlighted compound annual growth rate of custard apple area and production along with the need of investments in research & development to ensure improved cultural practice to establish custard apple orchards to increase yield per hectare, introduction of improved varieties, processing technology and overhauling of the value chain




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