Efficiency of Pomegranate Growers: A Data Envelopment Analysis

G.D. Rede
Journal article Economic Affairs • June 2020

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The present study aims at examining the level of efficiency of Pomegranate growers in Solapur district of Maharashtra which happens to be the leading district in terms of production and area under cultivation of this crop. The variation in the level of efficiency is estimated by using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) technique. There is a wide variation in the level of efficiency among the sample farmers for both of orchard age group-II (3rd year to 5th year) and group-III (6th year to 12th year) with mean technical efficiency scores estimated as 69.89 per cent and 85.03 per cent respectively. Thus, there is an opportunity of augmenting production with the available resources in both groups. Pomegranate growers in both groups have been clustered by using K-means cluster analysis in four categories on the basis of their technical efficiency scores as efficient, semi efficient, moderately efficient and poor. An attempt has been made to estimate the excessive amount of inputs used by the Pomegranate growers over the targeted level in the study area. The cost on their excessive inputs can be minimized without affecting output level of particular farms




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