Inter-Linkage between Credit Source and Marketing Pattern of Farm Produce

Lovepreet Singh
Journal article Economic Affairs • March 2020

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The present study has been undertaken in three agro-economic zones of Punjab to examine the linkages between the credit source and marketing pattern of farm produce. Multistage random sampling technique was used for the selection of 90 farmers. Inter-linkages between the source of credit and marketing pattern refer to the inter-linkage between farmers and moneylender indulged in trading activities. Majority of the sampled farmers i.e. 65 per cent were found trapped in linked transactions. Participation of medium farmers in linked credit contracts was found to be higher i.e. 72.22 per cent as compared to large (57.14%) and small farmers (51.72%). Credit-input-product inter-linkage emerged as dominant type in the study area i.e. 33.33 per cent followed by credit-product type (31.11 per cent).




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