Economic Analysis of Impact Assessment of Production Technology of Paddy Cultivation in Nasik Region of Maharashtra in India

Shekhar D. Khade
Journal article Economic Affairs • March 2020

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The study had assessed the impact assessment of production technology of paddy cultivation in Nasik region of Maharashtra for the year 2016-17, based on the data of costs and returns. Analytical techniques like benefit-cost ratio (BCR), technology adoption index, yield gap, were exercised to have the extent of economic impact of improved paddy technology. High adopter group earned the net profit of ` 2298.09/ha (BCR=1.32) compared to ` 3629.3/ha ( BCR= 1.06) for low adopter group. Average technology adoption index was 71.57 per cent indicating that the farmers adopting recommended production technology of paddy could get yield of 41.63q/ha. Factor share analysis showed that contribution of Char-sutri method to the total yield was the highest yield (i.e. 32.84 per cent) which was followed by urea (19.76 per cent), doses of manures (12.02 per cent), intercultural operation, planting distance, transplanting time contributes about 8.09 per cent etc. respectively. Estimates of yield gap analysis proved existence of yield gap in all level which ranged from 41 percent (low adopter) to 23 percent (high adopter). So, reduction or bridging up the yield gap may be utmost priority to increase the overall production and income of the farmers.




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