Study on Relationship between Selected Independent Variables with Knowledge of the Mobile Agro-Advisory Services Using Farmers of Udupi District of Karnataka

Navin Kumar
Journal article Economic Affairs • September 2019

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(English, 6 pages)


The present study was conducted during 2016-17 in the Udupi district of Karnataka. Mobile phones play an important role in accessing the information about improved cultivation practices. In this study, we had analysed the relationship between independent variable and knowledge level of the farmers. We had selected total 13 independent variables for the study, three variables viz., education, achievement motivation and risk orientation showed positive and significant relationship at one per cent level of probability. Whereas, six variables viz., annual income, extension contact, scientific orientation,extension participation, mass media participation and innovativeness showed positive and significant relation at five per cent level of probability with knowledge level. The remaining four variables namely, age, family type, occupation and land holding and did not showed any significant relationship with knowledge level





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