Trends and Pattern of Sugarcane Production in Shahjahanpur District, Uttar Pradesh: A Geographical Analysis

Fazlur Rahman
Journal article Economic Affairs • September 2019 India

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(English, 10 pages)


Sugarcane is important commercial crop of India. It is a major source of raw material for not only sugar industry but also other allied group of industries. Sugarcane plays a vital role for the overall socio-economic development of farming community. Uttar Pradesh is one of the leading producers of sugarcane in India. Shahjahanpur district of Uttar Pradesh has been selected as study area which is famous for sugarcane production. The main objectives of present paper are to assess the trends and patterns of sugarcane production in the district and explain the reasons behind the changes in the sugarcane production. The study is based on secondary sources of data. The study reveals that there is uneven trend of area under sugarcane as well as production of sugarcane in the district and it is found that government policies were important determinants for such trends. Jatipur and Dadrol blocks of the district show high concentration of sugarcane crop. The study further reflects that this area is experiencing an ongoing agricultural development pertaining to the sugarcane cultivation.




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