Multidimensional Poverty: An Exploratory Study in Purulia District, West Bengal

Supravat Bagli
Journal article Economic Affairs • September 2019 India

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(English, 12 pages)


This paper explores the incidence and extent of multidimensional poverty for the households in Purulia district, the western most backward district of West Bengal in India. In context of Purulia district the decompositions of multidimensional poverty index (MPI) across the social castes and across the indicators have also been explained. MPI and its decomposition across the sub-groups have been computed using the methodology developed by Alkire and Foster (2007) and Alkire et al. (2011). This study covers twelve non income indicators under three dimensions education, health and living conditions. Collecting a set of primary data from 698 households in Purulia district during 2018, this study reveals that the incidence of multidimensional poverty in the district of Purulia is higher than that in national level. But the breadth of poverty is almost equal to that in India as a whole. In respect of poverty there is wide variation across the social castes. Among the indicators, use of dirty cooking fuel, not having improved sanitation have highest contribution to the district MPI.




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