Extent of Yield Gap and Constraints in Different Adoption Level of Chickpea in Madhya Pradesh

R.S. Raghuwanshi
Journal article Economic Affairs • March 2019

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The study is formulated to assess the extent of yield gap at different adoption levels and identify the constraints responsible for the existing yield gap in chickpea production technology of Madhya Pradesh. The study was carried out in the Khargone district with 60 sample farmers form 5 villages in the state. The study reveals that adoption of improved production technology has lagged far behind. The chickpea productivity could be increased in the area through the judicious use of improved inputs and practices for that purpose. On the other hand, the proper use of improved technology and improved practices of chickpea production need to be demonstrated. Hence, farmers should given priority to use their resources on the basis of economic viability with proper management of their farm so that emphasis should be given on resources availability and their economic use. Economic study to be conducted suggests optimal cropping pattern and practices including recommendations for varying quantities of fertilizer applications under varying price and output situations.




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