Estimation of Growth Trends and Impact Assessment of National Food Security Mission on Chickpea Production in India

Nanda Kumar Maharjan
Journal article Economic Affairs • December 2018 India

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(English, 12 pages)


The present study has been attempted to analyse the growth trends and impact assessment of NFSM-P on area, production and yield of chickpea in major states in India. The study was based on the secondary data pertaining to the year 1970-71 to 2014-15. To estimate growth trends, compound growth function was fitted and change in area, production and yield of chickpea during NFSM-P period (2008-09 to 2014-15) has been compared with preceding period (1990-91 to 2007-08) for impact assessment of NFSM-P on chickpea in the country. The results of the study indicated that chickpea area in India over the period has almost been stagnating (0.12%, statistically non-significant). The production of has increased at an annual rate of 1.12 per cent owing to the significant annual increase (1.00%) in chickpea yield. The results further highlighted emergence of niche area such as Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka in chickpea production while area shrinkage from Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh was also observed. The yield of chickpea in all the major states of India has shown positive growth during the study period. The effort of the government in the form of NFSM-P has positively impacted area, production and yield of chickpea in the country but increase in production was supported by area addition rather than yield improvement indicating need of technological advancement, improved yield varieties for enhancement of chickpea production in the country.





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