Economic Resources among the Urban Oldest-Old Females: Anthropological Study in Midnapore Municipal Town, West Bengal

Parikshit Chakraborty
Journal article Economic Affairs • September 2018 India

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(English, 6 pages)


Ageing is a natural fact in a life where social, cultural, economic and health issues attached to study of aging. The oldest old or Super Senior Citizen subpopulation in India is growing much faster than any other age group and due to their physical incapability they fall in peril situation which make them more dependent on others for their needs of financial support, medical assistance and social services etc. However, anthropological perspective on aging study is based on evolution of human aging as well as working incapability, economic dependency, sources of income and others. Therefore, authors of the present paper aim to highlight economic resources of the oldest-old female residing in different wards under Midnapore Municipal town of Paschim Medinipur district, West Bengal, India. The areas, which were explored, include some basic economic features such as different sources of financial support, sources of pension and amount of pension which deals with the economic resources of the Oldest Old. For the present paper data has been collected from about 500 oldest old female populations (using systematic random sampling table) living in urban areas of Medinipur Municipal Town. Therefore, the finding presented in this paper is that, the oldest old female under study area are seriously in economic disadvantageous position in many respects, which may be illustrated with the following facts: economically more dependent; most of them are non-worker; a very good number of them do not get/receive any pension from any sources.




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