Production and Marketing Analysis of Knol-khol under Sub-Tropical Conditions of Jammu Region: A case study

Jyoti Kachroo
Journal article Economic Affairs • September 2018

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(English, 14 pages)


The numbers of small farms are increasing over time mainly due to division and subdivision and sale and resale of farms. These small farms are inefficient for growing crops such as wheat, cotton, sugarcane and rice, since a lot of money resource is prerequisite for growing these crops. With such circumstances, crops that are short duration and fetch high returns are suitable for such farms. Such crops are vegetables that not only give high returns but they are also a cheap source of essential nutrients. The present study has analysed the cost and return analysis as well as technical efficiency of knol-khol producing farms of Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir state. Three districts Jammu, Udhampur and Samba are selected for the said study. DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) have been used for the estimating the technical efficiency. Farmers in the study area used purchased as well as home produced inputs. The costs of home produced inputs were calculated in monetary terms on the basis of opportunity cost principle i.e., the market price. The cost of cultivation is found to be Rs 7796.65 /acre (overall) with ` 7743.27/acre for Bhalwal block and ` 7850.02/acre for Marh block for Jammu district, in Samba district, the overall average was ` 6855.57/acre with ` 6416.38/acre for Vijaypur block and ` 7294.76 for Samba block and it was Rs 7999.68/acre (overall average), ` 8166.21/acre (Udhampur block) and ` 7833.15/acre (Chenani block) in Udhampur district. The gross returns were ` 25250.00/acre, ` 31500.00/acre, ` 27720.00/acre, ` 34560.00/acre, ` 27000.00/acre and ` 36300.00/acre for Bhalwal, Marh, Vijaypur, Samba, Udhampur and Chenani blocks whereas the overall average for Jammu, Samba and Udhampur districts were ` 28325.00/acre, ` 31050.00/acre and ` 31500.00/acre, respectively.




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