Dynamics of Goat Milk Production in Different Agro-Climatic Regions of Rajasthan

Vijay Kumar Baldodiya
Journal article Economic Affairs • June 2018

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(English, 4 pages)


The present investigation was conducted to make critical examination of change, variation and growth of milk production of goat in various agro-climactic zones during period of study (1998-2012). Goat milk production in Rajasthan increased to 1656 thousand tonnes (current year) from 726.33 thousand tonnes (base year) showed 127.99 per cent change with a variation of 31.87 per cent during the study period (1998-2012). The production of goat milk increased with 6.43 per cent per annum of growth rate significantly with a magnitude of 67.79 thousand tonnes per year. The maximum growth and magnitude of goat milk production increased significantly in Arid Western Plain (8.97 per cent) and growth rate of goat milk production was found highly significant in Arid Western Plains.




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