Analysis of Modernized Value Chain of Walnut in Jammu & Kashmir

N.A. Qammer
Journal article Economic Affairs • March 2018

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(English, 10 pages)


This study intends to investigate the modernized supply chain of walnut in Jammu & Kashmir. The study reported that modernized supply chain involves huge investment and that the value addition of walnut in their processing units are exclusively earmarked for export markets. It was observed that setting up of a processing unit for value addition of walnut is a capital intensive activity. Moreover, in modernized channels, processors were found to pay better to the functionaries from whom they purchase walnut. Results revealed that the marketing efficiency was more in channel where they purchase directly from farmers and also their net price is more in this channel. Based upon the findings, the study emphasized upon linking walnut production with marketing through value addition. In addition, this paper concluded with few pragmatic policy options for the promotion of exports, reduction of losses and sustainable growth of this fruit in Jammu & Kashmir.




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