Exploring Agri Business Potential in Tripura through Fruits and Vegetable Production

Saddam Hossen Majumder
Journal article Economic Affairs • March 2018

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(English, 4 pages)


The agro climatic condition of Tripura offers immense potential for production of number of tropical and sub tropical fruits and vegetables. Major horticulture produce comprises fruits (48.6%) and vegetables (48.3%) (2013-14). Fruit and vegetable are important component of the food items of the state. The production of fruits and vegetables provide  gainful  employment  for  small  farmers  and  agricultural  labour throughout  the  year. Foreign exchange can be earned by exporting the raw and processed form of fruits and vegetables. The production of both fruits and vegetables are increasing significantly at a growth of 3.86 and 13.36 per cent over the last decades. In this study an attempt was made to estimate the marketable surplus of fruits and vegetables for exploring the agri business potentiality. The secondary data on production of fruits and vegetable in the state over the decade (2001-2014) were collected from Economic Review of Tripura. Compound growth rate and regression analysis was done to achieve the objective. The supply of fruits and vegetables was estimated considering the future production using regression method of forecasting. Similarly, demand for fruits and vegetables were estimated considering the recommended amount of fruits (100gm) and vegetable (150gm) per person per day in the state. An amount of 10 per cent was assumed as post harvest loss. The results showed that there is significant marketable surplus of both fruits and vegetables in the coming four years (upto 2021) showing the possibility of value addition to this surplus amount through establishing processing units in the state that would help to boost farmers’ income and employment. However, government initiatives along with growers and processors interest needs to be developed for exploring the vast potentiality of this sector in the state.




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