Supply-Demand Gap Analysis and Projection for Major Pulses in India

Vilas Jadhav
Journal article Economic Affairs • March 2018 India

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(English, 10 pages)


India is the global leader in terms of production, consumption and import of pulses. The pulses production has been stagnating over the years leading to widening gap between demand and supply. About 20 percent of the total pulses demand is met through imports. The present study is an attempt to analyze the production growth, supply-demand gap and projection of availability of major pulses viz., gram (Chickpea) and tur (Pigeon pea), in India. The highest growth rates in total pulses production was recorded between 1966-67 to 1975-76 period and from 2006-07 to 2015-16 exhibiting 2.05 per cent and 2.62 per cent increase. Gram (Chickpea) recorded the highest production growth between the period from1989-87 to 1995-96 and 2006-07 to 2015-16 and respective figure were 2.78 percent and 2.79 percent. Whereas, tur (Pigeonpea) showed accelerated growth rate of 2.72 per cent in area, 4.30 per cent growth in production during 1976-77 to 1985-86 period. The study found that there is a big gap in supply and demand of major pulses in India, suggesting a shortage of pulse for domestic consumption to the tune of 114.50 lakh tonnes of Gram (Chickpea) and 365.60 lakh tonnes of Tur (Pigeon pea) during 2030.




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