Analysis of Marketing Efficiency of Wheat in Different Grade Regulated Markets in Madhya Pradesh

Ravi Singh Chouhan
Journal article Economic Affairs • March 2018

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(English, 6 pages)


Marketers need to design creative solutions like e- marketing to overcome challenges typical of the rural environment such as physical distribution, channel management promotion and communication. The study has been undertaken to examine the facilities and services available and to analyse the marketing efficiency of wheat in different grade regulated markets of Madhya Pradesh. The present investigation is restricted to Sehore (A), MHOW (B), Kalapipal (C) and Katangi (D) grade regulated markets in Madhya Pradesh. The study reveals that A grade (Sehore) regulated market was found to facilitate more as compared to the other market but this particular market was found less price efficient than the other market. All the markets has poor market facilities with regards to post office, restaurant, fire extinguishers, bank, grading and analysing laboratory, extension unit, public address system, rest house for farmers, audio visual aid and garbage disposal system. Hence suggested that these facilities should be provided in each regulated markets with National e-agriculture market (e-markets) and bringing them all to one platform so that registered farmers will be able to sell their produce online in any of the markets where they can get the best price. The e-market also ensured that intermediaries (and money lenders) do not compel farmers to sell their produce at throw away prices and their produce should first be bought at the regulated market to be put for auction to sell, which will get them all a fair price, reduce the chances of middlemen by adding any extra cost or seeking double commission. This will also brought transparency in the system




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