Diagnostic Analysis of Technology Adoption and Factors Influencing Adoption Level of Tribal Farmers of Madhya Pradesh

P.K. Mishra
Journal article Economic Affairs • March 2018

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(English, 8 pages)


The agricultural technologies developed in the country have generated more income and employment to the cultivators. However, tribal dominated regions of Madhya Pradesh falling under such conditions of agricultural backwardness have not yet been able to benefit from the fruits of technological innovation fully or even partly. Keeping this in view a study on technology adoption and its determinants has been conducted in Santna districts of M.P. Using multistage stratified random sampling techniques total 120 tribal farmers were selected from 10 villages of two block such as majhgawan and shohawal RD block of Stana district of Madya Pradesh. The examination of technology adoption revealed that the area under study was characterized by preponderance of low level of technology adoption and smaller sized farms, the position of which in respect of adoption of new technology was quite disheartening. The increase in the level of adoption was accompanied by increase in the size of holding, use of family workers and maintenance of bullock pairs/machinery. The increase in investment on fixed capital, particularly farm implements and machinery was associated with increase in the technology adoption. Wheat and Soyabean were the predominant crops of the area under study with the highest percentage of area under HYVs compared to other crops. The intensity of cropping, use of bullock labour and hired human labour were found to increase with the increase in the level of adoption. The scores of social determinant particularly literacy index exhibited positive influence on the level of technology adoption. Similarly, the scores of psychological determinants, viz., attitude towards HYVs, risk orientation and credit orientation were observed to increase with the increase in Further, it was observed that increase in the level of adoption was associated with increase in the level of income from the crops grown on sample farms.




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