Crop Response to the Application of NCU in Major Kharif Crops: An Impact Assessment in Central India

H.K. Niranjan
Journal article Economic Affairs • December 2017 India

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(English, 6 pages)


The study confined to two major kharif crops i.e. paddy and soybean of central India. A multistage stratified simple random sampling method was used to select the districts, blocks, villages and farm households, and to assess the impact of NCU over NU with respect to yield, cost of NCU over NU, other fertilizers use, cost of pest & diseases control and weed management. They were analysed using paired t-test and the cost of cultivation and partial budgeting technique. The impact of NCU was found to be highly significant in paddy and soybean when compared with NU in terms of yield of main and value of main and by product, while yield of by product in case of paddy and soybean was found to be significant. The cost of NCU fertilizer had reduced by 10.25% when compared to NU fertilizer, while the cost of weed management, pest & diseases control and other fertilizers were found to have increased by 13.44, 12.82 and 4.44% respectively in the cultivation of paddy. In case of soybean, the cost of NCU over NU, other fertilizers, and weed management was found to be reduced by 9.14, 9.20 & 1.68 respectively. The total cost of ` 1140/acre was added under different sub-head due to the application of NCU in paddy and soybean with added and net return of ` 3959 & ` 2819 and ` 2545 & ` 1405 per acre along with benefit cost ratio of 3.47 and 2.23 in case of paddy and soybean, respectively.




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