Geographical Assessment of the Impact of MGNREGS Created Common Property Resources on Gender: A Ground Based Discussion

Sarmistha Saha
Journal article Economic Affairs • Maret 2019 India

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(English, 6 pages)


MGNREGS is a much discussed rural development scheme currently operational in all rural districts of India. It’s vast extension and decentralized nature of planning has made it special to Indian economy. Employment related aspects of this scheme has always remain the focus of discussion since its inception. However, little attempts have been made to relate MGNREGS created CPRs and gender. This paper provides an empirical research on the impact of MGNREGS generated CPRs on gender. The impact is assessed through a structured questionnaire and the identification of mostly used CPRs across gender. The degree of ease of livelihood and the utilization pattern of these CPRs are different across gender in study area. In the last section, this paper provides suggestions regarding the improvement of the gendered access of CPRs and its sustainable use.


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